About Us

Civil litigation has been at the core of our Firm’s work since its inception. The Firm has been responding by adding steadily to its practice new areas of legal knowledge and expertise to meet the new challenges facing our clients. The Firm’s work has grown and been diversified by the it’s involvement in foreign direct investment projects within Turkey; project finance, public procurement, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, real estate financing and other related areas.

As Turkey’s regulations are becoming further in line with the EU regulations, the Firm established its Food and Drug practice in response to increasing complexity of our clients’ affairs in food sector.

Our clients are assisted by lawyers of all levels of qualification, experience and as well as diverse backgrounds and are able to call on the expertise of a number of consultants who between them offer the Firm a wealth of expertise in accounting and taxation. Our lawyers’ inside knowledge of how the EU works enables us to provide clients with valuable knowledge especially for EU and International trade matters and customs law.

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