Food Law

The Food Law Group provides consultancy services to organizations and companies who require professional support and/or technical advice in the increasingly specialized areas of food law and borderline products some common ones include the permissibility of a particular food additive, an opinion on the use of a health claim, nutrient content claims on pack, advertising rules, interpretation of a specific rule on food labeling, or regulatory requirements for approval of a particular food ingredient in Turkish market.

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Related Practice Areas

  • Food Safety
  • Ingredient Compliance
  • GMOs and GMOs Based Products
  • Claims Stated on the Product Labeling, in Advertising, on the Internet, or in Other Promotional Materials


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    Our lawyers have been representing both national and foreign clients at all phases of acquisition of real estate.

    Real Estate & Construction
  • Litigation & Arbitration

    The Firm handles a broad range of business matters including “Internal White Collar Crime Investigations”.

    Litigation & Arbitration
  • Food Law

    The Firm’s inter-disciplinary Turkish Food Law Group assists regarding an ever-growing list of emerging industry challenges.

    Food Law
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