Evolving Regulatory Landscape

Challenging Issues


Food businesses operate in one of the most highly regulated sectors in Turkey and globally. It has been garnering more attention from law and policy in the last decades. In the process of negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU, regulations for the food industry are being  adopted step by step, such regulations not only bringing Turkish Food Law into conformity with the EU standards but presenting challenges for the sector also.

SONGÜL provides consultancy services to organizations and companies who require legal support in the increasingly specialized areas of food law.  The practice focuses on integrated issues management involving preventative measures, internal regulatory comliance auditing tools for the products, document retention, public relations strategies, and crisis management. SONGÜL also have a specific experience in cooperating with national experts/scientists, food specialists and and lawyers from other jurisdictions on all aspects of food law related issues.

Aylin Şule Songül, LL.M.

Education: İstanbul University School of Law (J.D.), Columbia University School of Law (LL.M.)-NYC

Membership: İstanbul Bar Association


Clients served come from all sectors of the food & agribusiness industry-farming, food processing, production, retailing and packaging…

Key Areas of Advice

  • Ingredients
  • Product Formulation and Development
  • Labelling, Advertising and Claims
  • Food Contact Materials

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