In-House Training

Turkish Regulatory Expertise in Food Sector

In-house training and regulatory compliance resource tools are designed to meet the requirements of the Turkish Food Codex and tailored specifically for your business. It provides you with;

  • Constant systematic examination of legislative changes, likely developments, potential threats and opportunities on your behalf
  • Regular contact with you during and after the process of putting compliance/system tools in place

The Turkish Food Codex forces food business operators to really take a hard look at their activities at the outset to ensure that their products are in compliance with the relevant regulations, they have identified all potential hazards and they have put controls in place to prevent these hazards from occuring. Furthermore, governmental authorities are going to have broader access to food business operators’ records, they have ever had before.

What does this mean to food businesses operators? They need to ensure;

  • Food safety and regulatory compliance plans in place
  • Good record keeping practices in place
  • Appropriate and acceptable level of legal characterisation/formality in any record are set

In-house training materials/tools
tailored for your organisation.

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