Labeling, Advertising & Marketing

The wording for marketing influences consumers’ choices…

The general principles of food labeling have been established in the Code on Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed. More specific rules have been set out in the Turkish Food Codex Regulation on Food Labelling and Information to Consumers. Provisions in the Code on Consumer  Protection and the Turkish Regulation on Commercial Advertisements and Unfair Commercial Practices establish a detailed set of rules for the implementation of commercials, advertisements and unfair commercial practices are also of relevance. From concept to distribution, regulatory advice given on all contractual, regulatory, intellectual property and media issues that relate to advertising, media, promotion, labeling and marketing of food.

Following are examples of representative matters frequently handled:

Evaluation of claims, claim substantiation, approaches to develop data to support claims and applicable Turkish advertising standarts, claim risks, ways to qualify or modify claims to reduce risk, and challenges of competitive advertising.

Advertising food for infants and young children, food for special medical purposes, food for diabetics, meat and meat products.

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