Meaningful self-regulation…

Turkey is setting a higher level of transparency for finished cosmetic products and prevents the placing on the market of hazardous substances for consumer protection. There is no pre-market control for cosmetic products in Turkey. Control of cosmetic products in the Turkish market is assured through the responsibility of the person who places the product on the market to demonstrate that the product is completely safe for its intended use by required notifications stipulated mainly in the Turkish Cosmetics Code and the Cosmetics Regulation. Cosmetic products marketed in Turkey must demonstrate the evidence of their conformity with the stipulated requirements in the form of a Product Information File (PIF) and Safety Assessment Report.

Advice is provided with a wide variety of small and large companies about compliance with the relevant Turkish cosmetics laws affecting cosmetic products, including matters pertaining to;

The Turkish Cosmetics Code and Regulation control what may or may not be put in a cosmetic. The Regulation determines the list of substances which are prohibited or restricted in the composition of cosmetic products and also contains lists of authorized colorings, preservatives. Revision of composition includes: identification of permitted substances, nanomaterials, REACH and Identification of an appropriate legal basis for every major document;Product Information File, Safety Assessment Report, record keeping and producing documentary proof for the inspection and trials.

A claim is the best tools for marketing purposes and another relevant point that should be observed.Claimsmust be in line with the Regulation as well as the legislation on unfair commercial practices.

The Turkish Cosmetics Code and the Turkish Cosmetics Regulation outline provisions regarding the labeling. Some information required for product labeling includes; name and address of the responsible person, country of origin, particular precautions of use and warnings, symbols etc. Guidance documents of the Turkish Ministry of Health, Turkish Adversiting Board’s and court decisions for the interpretations of the provisions must be also taken into account.

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