Genetiği Değiştirilmiş Gıdalara Avrupa Birliği’nin Hukuki Yaklaşımı (The EU Regulatory Approach to GM Foods)

Abstract The current paper provides a rendering in Turkish language by Aylin ŞuleSongül of the written version of the Judge Nelson Timothy Stephens Lecture presented by Bernd van der Meulen at University of Kansas School of Law (USA) on the EU Regulatory approach to GM foods. The legal systematic analysis provides a general background on...


Turkish Regulation Concerning Food Irradiation

The draft Turkish Regulation Concerning Food Irradiation  is open for public consultation until 23 June 2019. The draft was prepared based on 1999/2/EC and 1999/3/EC. Accessible at


Geographical Indications for Traditional Food Products in Turkey (Türkiye’de Geleneksel Gıda Ürünleri İçin Coğrafi İşaretler)

Abstract This article was written by Aylin Şule Songül and Elif Selin Cila and mainly focuses on describing the general legal framework concerning protection of traditional food in the Turkish jurisdiction and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock’s (Ministry) generalized policy of traditional food. Özet Makale Aylin Şule Songül  ile Elif Selin Cila tarafından...


The Certain Foods Ingredients, Claims and Novel Food Commission

“The Certain Foods Ingredients, Claims and Novel Food Commission” is being established by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. This development may suggest that there is likely to be increased regulation of novel foods, however, no concrete statements of intention have, as yet, been made neither by the Commission nor the Ministry of Agriculture...

M&A Transactions

M&A Transactions

Food product liability due diligence
Licensing and regulatory compliance matters
Crossover issues such as medicinal products and chemicals regulation

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